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Emergency Plans

An emergency plan is required under fire safety legislation, and there are penalties for non-compliance. The emergency plan is a written document which provides guidance on the actions to be taken in an emergency situation. It helps to co-ordinate the responses of all the occupants and ensures any issues are rectified before an incident occurs. In a straightforward building, the “Responsible Person” may be able to formulate the plan. In more complex situations, a competent fire safety adviser is recommended.

Emergency Plan Considerations

Putting together an emergency plan generally involves a building inspection and evaluation, usually with reference to the fire risk assessment. It will consider the usage and personal circumstances of the occupants and visitors to a building, as limited mobility, lack of understanding of fire procedures and lack of familiarity with the building are all issues which can seriously increase evacuation time.

The plan will need to be reviewed regularly and following any significant changes in building structure, occupancy or processes.

Tailored Emergency Plans

Metro SRM are able to formulate a bespoke Fire Emergency Plan which considers the layout, risk level, size, usage and occupancy profile of your building.


Our experienced advisers have a background in commercial fire safety, armed forces fire safety or the fire brigade. This means that your plan is devised by those with the practical knowledge and training to save lives in the event of a major incident.

Staff Training and Fire Evacuation Drills

We can help with staff training in relation to an Emergency Plan. We can also carry out a Fire Evacuation Drill to test how well the Plan is applied. Please contact us on 0845 058 9999 for details.

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