Optimised PPM for the smaller site 

Metro Safety has built its business by focusing on smaller sites. This means we understand the requirements and range of issues often associated with them. We have used this experience to develop a targeted 'small site' bundled PPM package, available nationally, that offers great value whilst delivering potential improvements in service levels. 

Custom built PPM service bundles 

We are able to build a considerable number of services, ranging from door entry to drainage into your personalised Metro M&E Lite PPM package. However the ones listed below form the most common 'basic' PPM requirement on smaller sites. 

Where possible these services would be bundled together and delivered by multi-skilled engineers to bring costs down: 

Maintenance - Fire Safety:  Other PPM: 
- Emergency Lights  Air Conditioning/Heating Systems
- Fire Alarms  - CCTV Maintenance
- Fire Extinguishers - Door Entry/Access Control 
- Smoke Detection - Eye Bolts 
- Smoke Vents  - Guttering
- Sprinklers - Pumps
  - Water Systems 

Optimised service delivery using cross skilled engineers

Where possible we use locally based engineers. This ensures reduced travel costs and allows economies of scale to be realised. Each operative is carefully recruited and is trained to undertake maintenance to the relevant British Standard, whilst meeting our clients’ specific needs.

Our field operatives are managed by a central service delivery team, with a 24 hour callout facility, This provides additional support and ensures everything runs smoothly. All routines are subjected to regular quality control checks and the findings of the maintenance visits are incorporated into our integrated reporting system.

Pre-authorised repair allowance 

We are happy to undertake remedial works at the time of the visit up to a specified authorisation level. Our engineers have been trained to use common sense in seeking permission to exceed this limit if an obvious, cost effective solution can be found by doing other further works.




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