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At Metro Safety, we recognise that our business activities have an impact on the environment. One of our key company strategies is to put corporate and social responsibility at the heart of our decision making and activities. We believe that improving environmental protection is genuinely important to us and our customers.

carbonFootprintMinimising Our Carbon Footprint

We strive to have the lowest percentage carbon footprint per field operative visit of any fire, health & safety company. By focusing on building a nationwide network of field staff, our operatives only need to travel short distances to undertake the work that is required. We try to utilise public transport whenever possible to reduce this footprint further. A large number of staff also take advantage of our bicycle schemes.

Green Energy

Electricity to our Head Office is supplied by one of the greenest providers in the country. We have smart metering, an energy efficient gas condenser boiler and pay carbon offset on our gas use. Weekly monitoring of energy and water consumption and independent energy audits help us to continue to improve our usage.


Our recycling policy means that everything from paper and printing cartridges to mobile phones and computers gets reused or recycled.

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