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Compliance For Social Housing Providers

From a compliance perspective the social housing sector is possibly one of the most challenging areas to work in.

The teams responsible for housing stock are under scrutiny from a variety of very different sources. This can include; the media, politicians, tenants, trustees and course the enforcement authorities themselves.

There is no doubt that following Lakanal House and Grenfell that this is a sector that will be subject to much greater focus throughout our society.

Compliance Challenges

Given the age of the stock that many social housing providers are responsible for managing, together with rigid procurement policies and the very limited budgets in place, this can be a very stressful and worrying position to be in, particularly as in our experience, people working in this sector tend to do so because they care.

Getting a clear overview of the state of compliance can be further affected by the variety of leases, ageing IT systems and the sheer number of sites providers are responsible for managing.

Bespoke Compliance Service Packages

Metro Safety have been working directly with social housing providers for over 25 years. We have helped a number of organisations evolve to self delivery and we are very open to mixed compliance models which work together with the resourcing that you currently have in place.

What experience tells us is that no two sets of circumstances are exactly the same and bespoke service packages have to be agreed to suit the needs of individual housing associations. The next section however details some of the service combinations that are most likely to be of interest to you. We would be delighted to book a session with you to explore how best we could meet your needs.

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