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Fire Risk Assessments

All properties that are not single private domestic dwellings, require a fire risk assessment by law to reduce the risk to people and property in the event of a fire. There are severe penalties for non-compliance.

The fire risk assessment must be reviewed periodically, and whenever significant changes are made to building structure, people or processes.

Competency of Fire Risk Assessors

You have a legal requirement to ensure that the person undertaking the fire risk assessment is competent. Responsible persons need to decide who has the suitable training, experience and knowledge to perform these assessments – not always an easy task.

Metro SRM's significant, high-level competency provides our clients with expert assessments, which are designed and personalised to meet a variety of client needs. We offer flexibility whilst ensuring the essential fire safety requirements are competently fulfilled. 


Our assessors are all qualified fire safety specialists. Many have over 25 years' experience with a professional fire service, including a background in fire safety enforcement.


Metro SRM are BAFE certified under scheme SP205 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment.

The majority of our assessors are either Members or Graduates of the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), or equivalent professional bodies. Our team regularly review legal precedents, British Standard revisions and developments in fire safety legislation, meaning you receive the most up-to-date advice possible. As a member of the Fire Industry Association, Metro SRM are also involved in developing fire safety guidance and promoting good practice and professional standards.

Fire Risk Assessments for a Wide Range of Clients and Property Types

Metro SRM carry out over 3,000 fire risk assessments each year for a wide range of clients and property types including:

  • High-street retailers with large, nationwide portfolios
  • Housing associations with residential accommodation
  • Managing agents with multi-occupied commercial & residential portfolios
  • Local authorities
  • University accomodation providers
  • Health and social care organisations
  • Smaller companies with a single office/retail space in one location

The knowledge we’ve acquired through years of experience in such a variety of sectors enables us to provide appropriate recommendations. We believe we have an unsurpassed understanding of the uniqueness of every property and situation.

Quality Assurance

Every Metro SRM fire risk assessment passes through a rigorous quality control process. Our senior fire safety advisers also conduct targeted site checks to ensure consistency. 


At any point in the assessment or review process, our dedicated consultancy team are on hand to provide assistance and advice.

Practical Solutions

The remedial actions we propose are always proportionate to the risk identified. We understand the need for workable, practical solutions that are cost-effective whilst still meeting legislative requirements.

Simple Management

Our web-based interactive risk management system, SRManager, can give you complete control over all your risk management documentation with a range of reporting facilities, while allowing you to manage all of your properties from a single login.

Further Information

Please contact us on 020 7960 3939 for further details or advice.

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