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Compliance for Managing Agents

With limited budgets and a heavy workload, managing compliance is often thought of as another burden that busy property managers and FMs are required to take on; however with tougher and more widespread penalties being issued for non-compliance, it’s crucial to make sure that you are legislatively compliant and your properties are safe.

Managing Compliance Can be Challenging

The effective management of compliance issues becomes increasingly challenging as the requirement to manage a greater number of properties grows. Portfolios are often diverse in terms of building size and usage with individual properties presenting varying risks and challenges from a compliance perspective. Properties may also be geographically dispersed making frequent site inspections, particularly to smaller and more remote sites untenable, both from a time and cost against service charge perspective.

Sector Experience

Over the last 28 years we have built up extensive experience of working with Managing Agents and property owners. This allows us to understand the most common challenges faced in achieving and maintaining compliance within the property industry

Our aim is to help our customers be more efficient in their day-to-day management of compliance by providing practical and commercially sustainable solutions, reliable service delivery and clear reporting. We know that saving time, reducing administration and implementing the most cost-effective solutions helps our clients to succeed, enhancing both personal and organisational reputations.

Further Information

The next section details some of the service combinations that are most likely to be of interest to you and we would be delighted to book a session with you to explore how best we could meet your needs.

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