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High summer temperatures can bring increased legionella risks

05-07-2022 Water

  This week we are expecting temperatures to soar across the UK. Whilst most of us welcome the sunny weather, it's important to be aware of the impact this may have in terms of increasing the legionella risks at your properties. Read more

Safety SMART - An Intelligent Digital Solution to Communicate Your Asbestos Information

17-05-2022 Asbestos

Safety SMART+ uses QR code technology to create a link between the physical and digital building. Read more

Exciting news - Our drills customers now have free access to Safety SMART

03-05-2022 Fire

Exciting news - Our drills customers now have free access to Safety SMART Read more

No price increases for our testing & maintenance services

20-12-2021 Fire

Customers can now benefit from significant improvement to our testing and maintenance services - without an increase in price. Read more

Introducing our new enhanced testing & maintenance services.

15-09-2021 Fire

Our digital platform and service improvements mean we can now offer real time reporting and a host of other exciting customer benefits too. Read more

Fire Door Safety Week 20th - 26th September - Would your fire doors stand the test in a fi…

15-09-2021 Fire

. Fire Door Safety Week 20th-26th September aims to raise awareness of the critical role that fire doors play in saving lives and protecting property. Fire doors form a vital part of your building’s passive fire protection system. They prevent the flow of smoke and fire and help compartmentalise a building... Read more

Fire risk assessment of high risk residential premises under intense scrutiny

11-08-2021 Fire

Recommendations arising from the Grenfell Tower enquiry have resulted in the fire risk assessment of high risk residential premises being placed under intense scrutiny, and the core principles of fire safety management in such buildings being challenged in formal forums, and on social media. Read more

Providence Wharf Fire - Stark reminder to test fire safety equipment regularly

14-07-2021 Fire

The New Providence Wharf fire should act as a stark reminder to all building owners and managers. A serious failure in the smoke ventilation system meant that the only escape route from the apartments in East London was filled with smoke when the building caught fire. Read more

Introducing our enhanced testing & maintenance services

13-07-2021 Fire

We’ve been working hard over the last twelve months and we're excited to tell you about some of the innovations we are already rolling out. Read more

Returning to the workplace: Are your fire evacuation procedures still fit for purpose?

03-06-2021 Fire

As lockdown measures ease we are increasingly beginning to see businesses make a gradual return to the workplace.  If you are making plans to welcome staff back to the office it’s essential to check that your fire evacuation procedures are still fit for purpose. You must have the correct measures in place to... Read more

What do I need to do to comply with the changes in fire safety legislation?

10-05-2021 Fire

As the responsible person for a block of flats, what will I have to do to comply with the current and forthcoming changes in fire safety legislation? Colin Bassnett, Metro SRM's Director of Fire Safety Consultancy Services summarises the key requirements. Read more

Fire safety management - continuity is crucial to maintain compliance

22-02-2021 Fire

Effective fire safety management is a continuous process. Some of your buildings may currently be vacant or only partially occupied, but it's still vital to make sure the appropriate fire safety measures are in place and your fire safety equipment is functioning correctly in order to maintain compliance and keep... Read more

Metro Safety appointed to Procure Public compliance framework

10-02-2021 Other News

We are delighted that Metro Safety Group have been included in the list of framework partners on Procure Public's H&S/Fire Compliance Services framework and are excited to work with ProcurePublic as suppliers over the next 4 years. Read more

Important update for fire evacuation drill customers

14-01-2021 Fire

Due to the implementation of the current national lockdown measures we do not believe it is feasible for fire evacuation drills to take place. We have therefore postponed all scheduled evacuation exercises with immediate effect. Any customers that have drills scheduled should have already received a notification from us. Read more

New PAS 79-1:2020 and PAS 79-2:2020 code of practice for fire risk assessments

21-12-2020 Fire

We are proud of our Principal Fire Safety Advisor, Colin Bassnett and his commitment to help drive forward improvements in fire safety. Colin contributed many hours, over a series of meetings, to join the steering group charged with reviewing PAS 79 2012. Read more

Metro Safety launches new graduate training scheme

14-10-2020 Other News

Metro Safety are pleased to welcome Ethan Williams, Lipa Khanom, Louis Koorland and Olivia Bridger onto the company’s newly launched graduate training scheme.  Read more

Metro Safety has an opportunity for a Salesforce Administrator

05-10-2020 Other News

As Metro Safety continues its digital transformation it now has an opportunity for a Salesforce Administrator Read more

Suzanne Radford General Manager - Continuous Improvement

21-09-2020 Other News

Congratulations to Suzanne Radford on her new position as General Manager - Continuous Improvement. Digitalisation has become a primary driver for Metro Safety over the last eighteen months, allowing the streamlining of operations and the introduction of new digitally enhanced service offerings. As Metro continues its digital journey, identifying measures to further... Read more

Introducing our Customer Success Team

16-09-2020 Other News

Your Customer Success Team  Meet Emma and Michael, members of our newly formed customer success team. They will be delighted to assist you by turning around your requests, queries and concerns quickly and effectively.   Read more

Reducing the number of accidental asbestos exposures at site

07-09-2020 Asbestos

Knowing the exact location of the asbestos is critical in reducing the likelihood of accidental exposure. Unfortunately, in many instances this doesn’t always happen. Each year there are thousands of often unreported accidental disturbances of asbestos containing materials by contractors carrying out minor works not under control of ACAR. Read more

Fire evacuation drills & Covid-19: Are you prepared for a fire emergency?

19-08-2020 Fire

A swift and well executed evacuation is critical to protect building occupants and help them escape safely in the event of a fire. You should already have a fire emergency plan in place however it’s vital to test it out following any recent building modifications or operating procedures that you have... Read more

Exciting new developments mean Safety SMART has just got even better

03-08-2020 Other News

Exciting new developments mean Safety SMART has just got even better. We would like to introduce Safety SMART with Communities. Read more

We are pleased to announce our water and asbestos services are now back up and running

15-07-2020 Other News

  We are pleased to announce that all our services are back up and running. Read more

Government guidance for businesses re-opening or re-occupying their premises

06-07-2020 Health & Safety

The HSE is urging businesses to follow the Government’s 5 steps to being COVID secure as more businesses begin to re-open or re-occupy their premises. Read more

HSE Advice Covid-19 - Examination and testing of lifts & pressure equipment

20-04-2020 Health & Safety

The HSE recognises the potential challenges when carrying out legal requirements for thorough examination and testing (TE&T) of plant and equipment as a result of additional precautions people need to take to help reduce risk of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). Read more

Safe management of water systems in buildings following the Covid-19 lockdown

06-04-2020 Water

Due to Covid-19 restrictions many buildings have been closed or have been subject to reduced/partial occupancy. The resulting vastly reduced water usage within these premises can increase the risk of legionella and other water-borne bacteria surviving and proliferating within the building's water systems. Building owners/managers need to take action to... Read more

Introducing Safety SMART - the simpler, smarter way to manage your compliance

17-03-2020 Health & Safety

We would like to introduce Safety SMART one of our new Metro SMART IT products. Safety SMART is the simpler, smarter way to manage your compliance.  Read more

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