Why choose Metro M&E Lite? 

Metro M&E Lite has been specially developed to try and alleviate some of the problems property managers face when managing smaller and particularly, remote sites. It can deliver a number of benefits over traditional methods of fulfilling PPM requirements. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider switching to Metro M&E Lite.

Cost effective and reliable service delivery

New Service delivery3
Metro Safety are proven performers with an established track record. You can trust us, and you can rely on us to deliver. 

On a standard "fire only" service package Metro Safety would normally self-deliver services on a weekly or monthly basis. Adding in extra PPM services probably requires less than 20 additional visits a year, making the scope and scale extremely straightforward for us to manage. 

To make things even more cost effective a number of those additional visits can be bundled together and serviced whilst our engineer is on site.

Technical expertise

Technical expertise

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise. Our engineers are all third-party accredited and have usually worked with us for a good number of years. We also offer a 24 hour helpdesk to make sure any issues are dealt with swiftly.

Great value for money

Value for money3

Our pricing is designed to give great value for money. We would survey your site to understand your specific needs and then discuss and agree a pricing schedule as appropriate.

Consolidating services means reduced administration

Consolidating services

Bundling services together using our M&E Lite package also has other benefits. It means a single helpdesk, reduced administration and a single point of interaction with your chosen management system.

Combined Invoicing

Combined invoicing

Bringing your PPM requirements together into one custom designed package also means consolidating your invoicing, saving time and making it easier to manage.

Regular reporting

New Regular reporting 3We always strive to ensure you have an up-to-date picture of both the status of your risk actions, and our PPM delivery across your entire portfolio. 

Your PPM records are held on our system. Regular reporting provides a straightforward means to help you manage your buildings, contractors and your clients' expectations. If preferred, we can of course interact with other management systems. This would be fully supported by us and included in our rates.

Dedicated account management

Dedicated account management

A dedicated account manager would be assigned to your property. They would work alongside you to offer support and ensure that everything runs smoothly. 


FlexibleChoosing Metro Safety means you are working with a compliance team that adapts to your needs. We aim to make compliance simple, be flexible and ensure that any solutions proposed are commercially viable.



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