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Vacant Premises Inspections

When premises become vacant the risks increase significantly. Existing insurance may no longer be valid and premiums on unoccupied premises can be costly, unless you can prove you are managing the associated risks to the standard required. Most insurers' requirements include frequent vacant premises inspections.

Their attention to detail means that we are always made aware of anything untoward in the properties we manage.

Nicola Evans MSc

Assistant Surveyor



Metro Safety can meet the requirements of your insurers and demonstrate that your premises are regularly monitored and reported on. At the frequency specified, we identify and record potential hazards at the property. The service can include internal and external inspections of the building as well as peripheral areas such as walkways, car parks and yards. In addition to satisfying your insurers, this helps to reduce the risk of arson, vandalism and building deterioration.

Building Knowledge

Our pre-service audit gives our operatives comprehensive site knowledge, allowing them to inspect and report with a complete understanding of the premises, as well as ensuring the service runs as smoothly as possible.

Local Operatives

Our nationwide operatives are locally based with an understanding of your premises and the local area.

Clear Reports & Records

Clear site information is distributed to you through monthly electronic reports and serious faults are reported on the day they are identified. Visit records are witnessed and are also kept off-site so that you can call upon them in the event of a significant incident.

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