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Health & Safety Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is not only a legal requirement of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 but it also forms a fundamental step in the successful management of your health and safety. It helps protect employees and any other people who could be affected by your work activities, such as visitors to the premises or members of the public.

Our Health & Safety Risk Assessments can help to identify hazards and highlight the actions required to reduce and eliminate potential sources of harm within your properties and help keep you compliant with current health and safety legislation.

Annual Reviews

There is no set frequency by which the risk assessment must be updated but annual reviews are recommended, or more frequently if there have been any significant changes to work processes, equipment or staff which may result in new or increased hazards or risks.


All our risk assessments are conducted by professionally qualified consultants in accordance with best practice guidelines recommended by the HSE. Our consultants' breadth of experience and knowledge means they are able to offer you the site specific advice required to meet the demands of your individual properties.

Practical Recommendations

The remedial actions we propose are always proportionate to the risk identified. We understand the need for workable, practical solutions that are cost-effective whilst still meeting legislative requirements.

On-going Health & Safety Management

To ensure your risk assessment is up-to-date, we can conduct regular reviews and report on any actions required. Your own day-to-day management of recommended risk actions can be made simpler using our SRManager web-based risk management system.

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