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Contractor Appraisals

To remain compliant you must to make sure you are taking all reasonable steps to use contractors who are deemed to be working safely and in compliance with current legislation. A Contractor Appraisal Assessment is usually required. The appraisal process varies in depth and complexity based on the level of risk exposure and nature of the activities to be undertaken.

Metro SRM Contractor Appraisal Service

Metro SRM’s Contractor Appraisal Service can assist in the vetting of contractors leaving you confident that you are using contractors who are deemed to be working safely and in compliance with current legislation.

We can help your organisation establish the competence of all contractors who carry out regular work for you.

Assessments would usually be conducted on a rolling 12 monthly basis to ensure the validity of contractors’ insurance documentation and any other certification which may have an annual expiry date. We are able to provide this service for contractors working at your own offices or for any of the premises or sites you manage on clients' behalf.


We can ensure your site specific requirements and the nature of contractors’ activities are considered and built into the evaluation process. Our consultants will also take into account any special responsibilities or qualifications required for dealing with particular hazards such as chemicals and asbestos.


Contractors’ health and safety performance needs to be monitored on an on-going basis. Regular reviews, progress meetings and ensuring you have up to date documentation are all part of the process. We are able to offer advice and support and conduct annual reviews to ensure your contractor documentation is up to date.

On-going Management

The on-going management of contractors can be effectively controlled and made easier using our online Contractor Management tool.

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