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Asbestos remains the biggest workplace killer in the UK. Despite the use of new asbestos being banned for over 20 years, at least 50,000 people in the UK will die as a result of asbestos related exposures over the next 10 years – compared with less than 500 as a result of accidents from working at height!

Unfortunately, because asbestos remains hidden in over 500,000 workplaces and 1,500,000 homes there are thousands of accidental unreported exposures to asbestos happening every year – mostly as a result of disturbances by building maintenance workers, tradesmen, surveyors, engineers etc. who are unaware of its presence.

Asbestos SMART Provides Contractors With Vital Information

Asbestos SMART is a simple yet revolutionary concept that uses modern I.T. to facilitate smarter management of properties where you have a duty to manage asbestos.

Asbestos SMART uses QR code technology to provide instant accessibility to your most up to date asbestos registers for visiting contractors and key on-site personnel. This gives them vital information about the location of the asbestos and lets them know whether it is safe to proceed with their activity.It can also incorporate appropriate training and up to date reporting into a proper, comprehensive easy to review management system.

Asbestos SMART can be implemented at any sites which have a pre-existing asbestos register for a minimal cost per site.

It has been designed to improve your compliance, reduce risks and save you time and money. It allows you much better line of sight, allowing you to be confident that you are effectively managing the UK’s number one source of deaths in the workplace.

UKNAR - UK National Asbestos Register

We believe asbestos remains the biggest (albeit hidden) potentially fatal risk still not adequately addressed in the workplace. This has led to Metro Safety supporting the community interest company; UKNAR (UK National Asbestos Register)

UKNAR (UK National Asbestos Register) is a new community interest company established to help management and dutyholders manage asbestos simply and safely while better informing and educating those people who may be at risk. The organisations primary aim is to protect people from unnecessary and potentially deadly exposure to asbestos fibres.

Dutyholders pay a small annual license fee per register. A proportion of this goes to help asbestos victims support organisations and research charities in their daily activities. Profits will also be reinvested to continue to improve the education and awareness of contractors, dutyholders and the general public. UKNAR will work together with other key established associations in this field to achieve this.

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