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Air Monitoring

When work is being carried out with asbestos or in area where asbestos may be disturbed, the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 requires employers and the self-employed to prevent exposure to asbestos fibres.

Air Monitoring can be undertaken to determine the levels of airborne asbestos fibres and assess whether an area is fit for occupation. This is done by sampling a known volume of air and using microscopic techniques to calculate the number of asbestos fibres present in the sample.

We are able to offer a range of asbestos air monitoring services to help you prove the spread of asbestos has been prevented and provide a variety of further measurements to assist with asbestos management including:

  • Assessing potential exposure to airborne asbestos.
  • Checking the effectiveness of management control measures.
  • Supporting existing and future risk assessments.

Our Asbestos Air Monitoring Services Include:

  • Background Air Sampling - to ascertain ambient airborne fibre concentrations prior to an activity that may cause asbestos to become airborne.
  • Leak Air Sampling - to measure airborne fibre concentrations outside of an enclosure where work with asbestos is being carried out.
  • Personal Sampling - to measure the exposure to operatives carrying out work with asbestos in order to check control measures are effective and to assess respiratory protection.
  • Reassurance Sampling - to ascertain airborne fibre concentrations after remedial measures have been undertaken.


We provide a dedicated service throughout the UK and are able to cover a wide range of on-site environments.

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