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Asbestos Project Management

Asbestos Project Management may be required in situations where asbestos containing materials have been identified on site and works are required to remove them.

Arranging and managing asbestos abatement works can be a time consuming and complicated process. Letting someone manage the project on your behalf will ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with your requirements and the current legislative standards.

Complete Asbestos Project Management Service

We are able to handle the project management of any asbestos abatement works, from the initial planning phase right through to final completion, ensuring that any work is carried out cost-effectively, safely and in compliance with current legislation. We can help our clients manage asbestos remedial works with two distinct services.

Project Planning Service

It’s important to make sure the project is suitably planned from the start. We are able to scope out and develop specifications for any remedial works required and deal with the contractual arrangements and documentation necessary to initiate the project. This includes:

  • Preparation of specifications and scope of work
  • Preparation of tender documents and bill of quantities
  • Evaluation of contractors, method statements and contract documentation
  • Advice and recommendations from experienced project managers

Project Management Service

Once the initial planning stage is complete we are able to take control of the project and manage all aspects through to completion including:

  • On-site monitoring of abatement work
  • Analytical monitoring during the works to ensure that control measures are adequate
  • Enclosure integrity tests
  • Site attendance and management from a project manager to ensure all works are carried out in accordance with relevant regulations and site documentation
  • Project completion report; compilation of all relevant information and creation of a permanent record proving that all works were completed correctly

Introducing Asbestos SMART

Asbestos SMART is a simple yet revolutionary concept using modern I.T. to facilitate smarter management of properties where you have a duty to manage asbestos.

Asbestos SMART uses QR code technology to improve accessibility to your most up to date asbestos registers for visiting contractors and key on-site personnel. It can also incorporate appropriate training and up to date reporting into a proper, comprehensive, easy to review management system.

It has been designed to improve your compliance, reduce risks and save you time and money. It allows you much better line of sight, allowing you to be confident that you are effectively managing the UK’s number one source of deaths in the workplace.

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Our asbestos consultants have experience in a number of asbestos disciplines. We are able to provide project management expertise on abatement projects of all sizes and have a proven track record in handling large scale projects.


Our Asbestos Project Management services are available across the UK.

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