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Compliance Services For Social Housing Providers

Metro Safety have been working directly with social housing providers for over 25 years and understand the challenges facing those responsible for the management of compliance within this sector.

We recognise that individual housing associations have differing requirements and are very open to implementing mixed compliance models which work with the resourcing that you currently have in place. We are able to offer a unique and comprehensive range of fire, health and safety services available nationally. These are available as individual services or can be tailored to build a bespoke compliance package to meet your organisational requirements.

Details of some of the service combinations that are most likely to be of interest to you are shown below.

Fire Safety

Fire can be undoubtedly classed as one of the major risks within any residential building. If you are responsible for managing a residential property you are required by law to reduce the risk to people and property in the event of a fire. There are severe penalties for non-compliance.

A fire risk assessment is required to identify possible hazards and risks, it will suggest actions to protect people, especially those considered particularly vulnerable and remove the risk from fire as far as is reasonably practicable.

The fire risk assessment will also identify whether your fire protection measures are sufficient and appropriate for the premises. This takes into consideration structural and passive fire protection, alarm and warning systems, emergency lighting, sprinklers and extinguishers, signage and means of escape.

If your premises have been designed and built, and are being used in accordance with modern building regulations then your structural fire precautions should be acceptable but you will still need to ensure that your risk reduction, emergency evacuation planning, fire prevention and maintenance routines are sustained.

We offer a comprehensive range of fire safety services to help ensure you are fully compliant with legislation and that your buildings and their occupants are adequately protected from the risks of fire. To find out more please visit our fire safety services and fire safety training pages.

Water Safety

All residential properties contain water systems in the form of basic kitchen and bathroom facilities. Some residential blocks may also contain air conditioning systems or more complex water related plant.

Legionella bacteria can multiply in both hot and cold water systems including storage tanks in residential properties. This may then be disseminated in spray from taps and showers. Given the correct conditions even the most simplistic water systems have the potential to harbour and spread legionella bacteria. They can present a significant risk not only to building occupants but also to visitors and contractors carrying out work at the property.

Providers of residential accommodation have a responsibility to ensure that the risk of legionella in their properties is properly controlled. This includes housing associations, local authorities, universities, hostels, managing agents, hoteliers, landlords in the private sector etc.

Even if the responsibility for maintaining the property has been passed on to a third party you cannot delegate this responsibility. Although the generally high throughput and low volume of water held in residential water systems reduces the risk of legionella bacteria you are still required to carry out a L8 legionella risk assessment to identify and assess any potential sources of risk and if required implement a system to prevent or control any identified risks. As a provider of residential accommodation you need to be aware of the changes to the ACOP.

We have a team of water safety specialists who are able to conduct water risk assessments for a wide range of property types. They can identify and assess any potential hazards within your water systems and then recommend actions to help you manage any identified risks. Consultancy advice is available to deal with your more complex water safety management issues.

We also offer specialist training courses designed to give you a greater understanding of legionella control and make sure you are well equipped to deal with your water safety responsibilities.

To find out more please visit our water services page.


Asbestos and asbestos containing materials were commonly used in construction before being banned in the year 2000. This means there is a strong likelihood that asbestos may be still be present in a large number of older buildings.

If you are a dutyholder you have a legal responsibility to identify and manage any asbestos within your buildings. This includes making sure that you make the necessary survey arrangements before commencing any major refurbishment or demolition works. If your building is found to contain asbestos then you will also need to put a plan in place to monitor its condition and manage the risk of exposure.

You must also make sure that contractors or anyone who may come into contact with, or disturb asbestos during the normal course of their work have the correct level of asbestos knowledge and training.

We offer a range of asbestos services which will identify and help you manage any asbestos risks within your buildings and ensure you are fully compliant with your legal asbestos responsibilities. For further information please visit our asbestos services and  asbestos training pages. 

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