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Fire Safety Training

Under the Fire Safety Order, employees must receive adequate fire safety training as required by their role and fire safety responsibilities. Responsible persons can be penalised for non-compliance. National Fire Safety Guidance documents recommend that an employee should be trained upon induction, or on being given new responsibilities, and then provided with regular refresher training.

In addition to ensuring compliance with the Fire Safety Order, fire safety training enables staff to respond swiftly and appropriately in the event of an emergency, improving the efficiency of evacuation and reducing the risk of injury or worse threat to lives.

Wide range of tailored fire safety training courses

We offer an extensive range of training courses covering a variety of fire safety topics. Training sessions can be held at your own premises or at a suitable location of your choice.

Our flexible approach means we can personalise our training to fit your requirements, and your fire safety arrangements. In devising our training courses, we do all we can to ensure our training is pitched at the right level to be effective. Some of our training courses also incorporate practical sessions to give participants hands on experience in a simulated emergency situation.

The following are just some of the courses we are able to offer:

Fire Safety Awareness & Extinguisher Training Course

This introductory course uses a mix of classroom and practical sessions to provide attendees with an awareness of fire safety and give them the basic skills, knowledge and confidence to safely and effectively use a variety of fire extinguisher types to tackle burning materials.

It is ideal for inducting new staff, or as a periodic refresher of fire safety knowledge.

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Fire Warden Training

Nominated staff play a significant role in the successful evacuation of premises. Our courses provide a comprehensive guide for fire wardens and fire marshals, providing them with a thorough understanding of their responsibilities and helping to give them the confidence to carry out their roles successfully.

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Bespoke Fire Safety Training Courses

We are able to offer a range of specialised fire safety training courses tailored to meet your requirements. These may involve situation specific training, such as confined space and passenger vehicle fire training or courses adapted to meet the needs of particular groups of people such as property and facilities managers, construction project managers, emergency response teams, security staff etc. All these courses are bespoke and designed to meet individual delegate requirements.

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Experienced Trainers

All our trainers are highly experienced in a variety of fire safety disciplines, gained from extensive careers in fire safety management and as qualified fire fighters. They have coached nominated persons from a wide variety of sectors ranging from retailers, property agents and local authorities to hospitals, museums and power stations.

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