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Compliance Services for FM/M&E Companies

Metro Safety has been providing compliance services to the property industry for over 28 years. During this time we have worked with numerous FM and M&E companies to help them reliably deliver a suite of compliance services to their own clients.

We are able to offer a unique and comprehensive range of fire, health & safety and building services available nationally. Currently we service over 12,000 properties spread across both residential and commercial portfolios; providing a combination of risk assessments, routine testing and maintenance regimes, technical consultancy and training to help ensure our clients are compliant with fire and health & safety

We have the expertise and organisational capability to quickly mobilise and reliably service large national contracts at a cost effective and competitive price point. Using Metro Safety as an outsourcing partner can help you hit your KPI’s, keeping your clients happy, whilst also maintaining your own profitability.

All our services are available individually or can be combined into a service package to meet specific contract requirements. Details of some of the service combinations that are most likely to be of interest to you are shown below.

Fire Safety

Fire can undoubtedly be classed as one of the major risks within any building. The tragic events of the Grenfell Tower fire have contributed to a heightened awareness of the importance of fire safety throughout our society and it is likely that proof of quality regarding the competence of fire safety service providers will come under greater scrutiny in the future.

Complete Turnkey Solution for Fire

Metro Safety are fire safety specialists and are able to provide a complete turnkey solution for fire encompassing risk assessments, evacuation planning, equipment installations, testing and maintenance, technical consultancy and training. We are happy to provide these as individual services or tailor these to form a bespoke package to meet your clients’ requirements. 

BAFE SP205 Accredited Fire Risk Assessments

Our consultancy division Metro SRM has one of the UK’s largest BAFE SP205 accredited fire risk assessment teams enabling us to deliver a truly nationwide service. Appointing a third party accredited fire risk assessment provider, such as Metro SRM, is a clear indication that due diligence has been exercised in the choice of provider.

Fire Safety Equipment Testing

We also have one of the UK's largest specialist trained and competent tester networks reliably delivering around 150,000 weekly and monthly system tests and fire drills per year. This includes weekly fire alarm and sprinkler tests, monthly emergency lighting tests as well as smoke detector and smoke vent and extraction tests. A local tester is assigned to each building ensuring both consistency of service delivery and local site specific knowledge. We believe that we provide unsurpassed quality and reliability in our routine services across the UK

For more information on our full range services please visit our fire safety services and fire safety training pages.


Most clients’ buildings will contain water systems in the form of basic kitchen and bathroom facilities with many also containing air conditioning systems and other more complex water related plant.

Given the correct conditions even simplistic water systems have the potential to harbour and spread legionella bacteria. They can present a significant risk not only to building occupants but also to visitors and the general public. A water risk assessment is required to help identify any potential hazards and if necessary recommend actions to reduce the risk of legionella outbreaks at your building. A plan will also need to be put in place to monitor and manage any ongoing risks.

Water Safety Services

We have a specialist water safety division and are able to offer a range of services to help ensure your clients are fully compliant with their legal water safety responsibilities and that the risks from legionella are kept to a minimum. Our services include water risk assessments, schematics, water sampling and testing, tap temperature testing, consultancy and training.

For more information please visit our water services page.


All our asbestos services are provided by our subsidiary, Strategic Risk Management (Asbestos) Limited. Our surveyors are able to undertake a variety of asbestos surveys in accordance with the requirements of ISO17020 and HSG 264 to identify and help you manage any asbestos risks within your clients’ buildings and ensure compliance with CAR 2012. 

We are able to undertake the following types of asbestos surveys:

Asbestos Management Survey

Used to locate any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy, including foreseeable maintenance and installation work.

Refurbishment and Demolition Survey

This type of survey is needed prior to carrying out any refurbishment or demolition work. Our clients use this survey to locate ACMs where refurbishment is taking place or in the whole building in the case of demolition.

Asbestos Re-inspections

Following your asbestos survey we can help you manage your on-going asbestos management plan by conducting asbestos re-inspection surveys to monitor and report on the condition of any ACMs previously identified.

Other Asbestos Services

We are also able to offer a range of other asbestos services such as the development of asbestos management plans and training. For further information please visit our asbestos services and asbestos training pages. 

Health & Safety

We offer a wide range of health & safety consultancy services to help your clients remain legislatively compliant and protect them against potential civil claims or criminal prosecution however we believe the following services are likely to be of most interest.

Health & Safety Risk Assessments

Our health & safety risk assessments can help to identify hazards and highlight the actions required to reduce and eliminate potential sources of harm within your clients’ properties. If any remedial actions are required, we would recommend workable, practical solutions that are cost-effective whilst still meeting legislative requirements.

All our risk assessments are conducted by professionally qualified consultants in accordance with best practice guidelines recommended by the HSE. Our consultants' breadth of experience and knowledge means they are able to offer you the site specific advice required to meet the demands of your individual properties.

Monthly Health & Safety Inspections

We are able to carry out regular visual inspections to help identify and record potential hazards within the common areas of your property, such as stairwells, landings, plant rooms and car parks. Generally health & safety inspections would be carried out on a monthly basis, or as recommended by your risk assessment.

The visit would be recorded in the site logbook. Clear site information would be distributed to you through monthly electronic reports with serious faults reported on the day identified. Visit records would be witnessed and also kept off-site so that you can call upon them in the event of a significant incident.

As well as satisfying your insurers, monthly health & safety inspections help you comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act.

Wide Range of Health & Safety Services

We also offer a wide range of other health & safety services including equality access audits, vacant property inspections, training and consultancy advice to help with more complex health & safety issues.

For more details please visit our health & safety services page.

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