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SRManager Benefits

Complete Control

SRManager makes it easy to take control over your risk management tasks and responsibilities. The system’s real-time reporting capability gives you peace of mind that you always have an accurate, up-to-date status report and a documented audit trail of all activities. Flexible reporting allows you to sort and filter your data by risk, portfolio, property, responsible person or region to create your own bespoke reports.

  • Consistency of information and reporting across your portfolio
  • 24/7 remote online access via your computer, PDA or smartphone
  • Real-time reporting wherever you are, whenever you need it
  • View outstanding actions for your entire portfolio in one glance
  • View risks by category, making it easy to prioritise actions
  • Add user-defined actions into the system to be managed
  • Automatic stakeholder reminders if actions have not been completed within required timescales
  • Sort and filter your data to create your own bespoke reports
  • Easily manage statutory inspections dates
  • Transparent scheduling and visit status
  • Maintain an audit trail on actions and activities inputted into the system
  • Customised modules available for Health and Safety, Asbestos, Fire and Environmental
  • Additional bespoke reporting features and company logos can be incorporated
  • Acts as a contractor auditing and management tool

Simple To Use

SRManager allows you to manage your portfolio quickly and easily. A single 24-hour remote login provides easy access to all your risk actions and documentation wherever you are, whenever you need it.

  • Easily identify priorities for action and prepare management reports
  • View risk actions for your complete portfolio at a glance
  • 3 easy clicks to drill down to individual property level
  • Easily identify priorities for action with our red/amber/green risk categorisation system
  • Quick and easy access to your complete portfolio
  • Single remote 24-hour login
  • Easy to understand screens mean you will be up and running in no time
  • Hassle-free data migration - we take care of the data transfer from your existing system
  • Systems training provided

Saves Time & Resources

SRManager reduces your administration time and allows for easy delegation of actions. The built-in email facility can automatically remind internal staff and contractors of any statutory actions due. Contractors can even be emailed directly to request quotes or instruct work.

  • Fully automated system
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Cut operational costs and free up time for other tasks
  • Reduce administration time
  • Easily delegate actions
  • Automatically generate emails of statutory actions, which can applied both internally and externally
  • Email contractors direct from the system to request and compare quotes or instruct work
  • Reduce the likelihood of costly litigation

Reliable & Secure

If it’s security and reliability you are worried about then rest assured. SRManager puts the access rights firmly back in your control and with two parallel servers working together to provide continuous backup, you can be sure your data is safe and accessible.

  • Systems back up and data security eliminates data loss and controls access rights
  • 2 parallel servers provide continuous backup and eliminate data loss
  • 24-hour server maintenance, 365 days a year
  • You decide who has access to information regarding which property for how long
  • Set user-defined passwords
  • Contractors can be given controlled/timed access to particular properties

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