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Safety SMART Plus

Safety SMART+ contains all the features of our entry level Safety SMART product but goes further by adding task management to your buildings, visits and cases. It allows you to not only identify your compliance risks and issues but to also instruct contractors or liaise with tenants to manage their efficient and timely resolution.

Safety SMART+ Uses QR Code Technology to Create a Link Between the Physical and Digital Building.

It allows vital information and key documents to be made instantly accessible to people when and where it's required. It improves the efficiency of information transfer whilst saving the significant amounts of time, money, administration and IT expense often required to get information to people on site.

Simply by scanning a QR code on one of our Safety SMART notices contractors, visitors or site occupants can read and download key site specific documents, such as health and safety reports and fire safety policies.

Complete Control Over Document Access

The design of the Safety SMART notice can be tailored to meet your needs. Once installed the notice itself doesn’t need to change. Backend functionality gives you complete control and flexibility over the documents you wish site personnel to see at any point in time.

Any important documentation can be uploaded including FLAGEL.

Document file

Examples include:

  • Fire Risk Assessment Reports
  • Fire Safety Policies
  • Fire Evacuation Plans
  • Fire Strategies
  • Legionella Water Risk Assessment Reports
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment Reports
  • Asbestos Management Survey Reports
  • Asbestos Re-inspection Reports
  • Gas, Electrical and Lift Safety Documentation
  • Resident Specific Notices and Information

Safety SMART -  Add-Ons

A variety of additional features are available as add-ons to your Safety SMART+ licence. These include:

  • Health and Safety Courses – Manage staff, tenant and contractor training based on their role and working environment (IOSH approved courses delivered in partnership with iHasco).
  • Incidents – Allow building occupants to log incidents relating to the building they are in and receive instant notifications emails if something needs a RIDDOR to HSE.
  • Self Surveys – Allow building occupants to complete a pre-determined health and safety survey of the building area they’re in. Licence holders can monitor completion rates on the dashboard and new cases are automatically created when failures are found.

Whilst Metro Safety provide a wide range of risk assessments and inspections there is no requirement to use our services. Safety SMART+ can be purchased as an independent product for use with your current suppliers. 

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