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Air Conditioning EPC

To comply with legislation and improve the efficiency of the system, air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kW must be inspected every 5 years to determine their efficiency and how this might be improved. This must be done by an energy assessor who is a current member of an approved accreditation scheme.

If a previous inspection certificate is unavailable you must carry out an inspection within 3 months of taking over control of the air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning EPCs Can Result in Reduced Costs

Our assessors can help you reduce the electricity consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions of your air conditioning system with an Air Conditioning Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

This regular inspection is designed to improve the efficiency of your system. Since air conditioning units account for a substantial proportion of energy usage in a building, this can be especially important in reducing your costs, as well as helping you comply with the statutory requirements.


Our Air Conditioning EPCs are all carried out by accredited energy assessors who are current members of approved accreditation schemes.

Practical Advice

All our certificates are accompanied by a recommendation report giving sound practical advice to help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system.


We can provide Air Conditioning EPCs across the UK.

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