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Suzanne Radford General Manager - Continuous Improvement

Suzanne Radford 1Congratulations to Suzanne Radford on her new position as General Manager - Continuous Improvement.

Digitalisation has become a primary driver for Metro Safety over the last eighteen months, allowing the streamlining of operations and the introduction of new digitally enhanced service offerings.

As Metro continues its digital journey, identifying measures to further align service delivery and continuously enhance our customer experience will form a vital part of Suzanne’s new role.

Speaking about her new position Suzanne said:

 "After working within the consultancy team for over 10 years, I am really excited to have started a new role as General Manager of Continuous Improvement.  This role is really focussed on looking at the business as a whole and identifying areas where we can continuously enhance the customer experience we are currently providing, as we move into this new digital age of Metro Safety.  Over the last year we have seen huge progress in terms of moving the business from 90% paper based to a truly digital offering, and I am now focusing on pushing this further and ensuring we are using all of the tools we can.  Compliance is crucial, and Metro Safety are now able to provide a dynamic service with real time data – it is my job to ensure we can get these benefits straight out to our customers, making compliance as simple as possible.

It has been a brilliant opportunity over the last few months to learn more about areas of the business I am not so familiar with and jump out of my comfort zone.  I am now able to interact across departments and have an impact on both employee and customer satisfaction, which has been really interesting!  Looking forward, there are lots more challenges to get stuck into, but it is definitely a really exciting time to see the effect we can now have on the services we are providing."

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