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Safe management of water systems in buildings following the …

06-04-2020 Water

Due to Covid-19 restrictions many buildings have been closed or have been subject to reduced/partial occupancy. The resulting vastly reduced water usage within these premises can increase the risk of legionella and other water-borne bacteria surviving and proliferating within the building's water systems. Building owners/managers need to take action to... Read more

High summer temperatures bring increased legionella risks

16-07-2019 Water

  This week we have seen temperatures soar across the UK. Whilst most of us welcome the sunny weather, it's important to be aware of the impact this may have in terms of increasing the legionella risks at your properties. Read more

Tips to keep your property safe from legionella.

01-05-2017 Water

  Tips to keep your property safe from legionella. If your property contains water systems and water related plant you have a duty to manage the risks associated with legionella. This is a bacterium, which given the correct conditions can develop and multiply. If the bacteria manage to become airborne they can... Read more

Stay alert to legionella

29-11-2016 Water

  According to the recent legionella report from Public Health England within the UK there were 72 reported/notified cases of legionnaire’s disease during October 2016. From these, there were 38 confirmed cases, this brings the total of confirmed cases with onset since January 2016 to 292*. These figures show that legionella is... Read more

Legionella risks caused by dead legs

07-09-2016 Water

The water system within a school in Ramsgate has recently been found to contain legionella bacteria. Read more

Hidden dangers in ornamental water features

01-07-2016 Water

Ornamental water features are becoming a common fixture in many modern buildings, they are often found in hotels, restaurants and office blocks. Read more

Our nationwide legionella compliance team

12-05-2016 Water

We now have a completely nationwide team dedicated to legionella compliance. Over the last twelve months we have expanded our water safety division. We now have a much larger team of experienced water safety specialists. The team is headed up by Andrew Parkinson who is a multi-disciplinary surveyor with over 15 years’... Read more

Transmission of legionnaires' disease between people

10-05-2016 Water

  Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria. It's usually caught by breathing in small droplets of contaminated water, it is also commonly believed that the infection isn't contagious and can't be spread directly from person to person. Read more

Assessing the risks of legionella

20-01-2016 Water

A recent case in the news highlights the importance of ensuring you are compliant with legionella legislation and are aware of legionella risk factors. Read more

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