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Most properties require weekly or monthly compliance routines to be carried out at site. These services are often delivered by a variety of people including testers, caretakers, security guards, managers etc. By installing Tester SMART onto their mobile phones you can now have valuable line of sight and confidence that these routines are being done reliably and competently.

Key findings are reported directly to yourself or other key stakeholders, such as maintenance contractors, live with photos as required. This results in much better join up of crucial parts of the compliance cycle: testing, inspections & maintenance and remedial actions.

Tester SMART Can Be Used By Your Own Suppliers

Metro Safety provide a wide range of weekly and monthly compliance routines however there is no requirement to use our services, or be a user of our SMART Risk Manager system. You can now take advantage of Metro Safety’s Tester SMART product for under £5 per week per property and carry on using your own suppliers. We can also provide training and advice if required. 

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