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Water Safety Advice and Consultancy

Our clients often need advice to assist with particular water system safety issues.

Help may be needed when developing or reviewing your legionella management and monitoring procedures, implementing recommendations following your risk assessment or when you encounter a specific issue with water related plant. This may take the form of guidance on management processes, physical system inspections, the creation of documents or schematic drawings or training.

Water Safety Assistance & Advice

We are able to provide assistance and advice on a wide range of water safety matters including:

  • Bespoke advice on one-off water safety issues
  • Water system schematics
  • Action plans
  • Guidance on treatment required
  • Specification & implementation of monitoring programmes
  • Interpretation of water sample results
  • Log books to record monitoring actions
  • Providing on-going support, training and advice


All our consultants are specialists in their dedicated compliance disciplines. They have worked on numerous property portfolios throughout the UK and have the expertise and knowledge required to work alongside you and provide solutions to help you manage your legionella and water hygiene responsibilities effectively.

Tailored Solutions

Every business presents different challenges. We work closely with you to provide tailored solutions which help ensure your business and the properties you occupy, or manage, conform to current legislative requirements. This can assist in safeguarding reputations, reducing risk of prosecution, mitigating losses and disruption to your business through non-compliance.


In addition to their water safety knowledge, our advisers are commercially aware and have an understanding of the economic implications of any recommendations or remedial works. We always aim to balance commercial and economic needs with compliance, giving you practical and cost-effective solutions.

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Please contact us on 0845 058 9999 for further information.

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