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Health & Safety Awareness Training

(Optional add on Understanding Risk Assessment)

This course is particularly relevant to commercial property managers, facilities managers, surveyors and other line managers with health and safety responsibilities within a business or those who manage property portfolios.

The course provides delegates with an overview of health and safety legislation and sets out the legal health and safety duties required in the context of the working environment. It outlines what is required within a company health and safety policy and the relevant organisational arrangements that need to be put in place.

It also looks at the various enforcement options that are open to the authorities and the penalties for non compliance.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course students should:

  • Have an awareness of the key points of The Health and Safety at Work Act and other supporting regulations such as the EC Six Pack
  • Be able to identify the responsible person within an organisation and a competent person as required by Reg 4 of MHSWR
  • Have an appreciation of the wide ranging duties placed on the responsible person and how various HSE Approved Codes of Practice, Guidance and industry best practice apply to their specific areas of responsibility
  • Understand the legal obligations placed on the competent persons
  • Be able to identify and make reference to relevant Health and Safety guidance documents for the business that they work in
  • Understand which enforcing authority has jurisdiction under specific circumstances
  • Have an appreciation of the enforcement options that are open to the enforcing authorities
  • Be able to appreciate the potential penalties that might be incurred in respect of various degrees of non compliance. E.g. Fee for Intervention, Sentencing Guidelines

Optional Add On – Understanding Risk Assessment

This element of the training will be a mix of tutor led instruction and explanation interspersed with some syndicate activities.

Syndicate activities might include:

  • Identifying hazard and risk in the workplace
  • Quantifying degree of risk exposure
  • Identifying and listing a range of possible control measures to eliminate/reduce residual risks
  • Reviewing a variety of worked examples (relevant to the client activities) in order to:
    • Understand the breadth of hazard and risk assessments
    • Identify best practice and industry best practice in elimination or control of risks.
    • Identify any contraventions of the legislation
    • Assess the likely enforcement method
    • Present conclusions to the other syndicates for peer group appraisal and mutual learning


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