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SRManager Modules

SRManager offers a series of customised modules to deal with the different compliance disciplines. These modules help to make the risk management process quicker and easier.

All modules are available as a stand-alone package or can be combined together to provide a complete integrated risk management system.

Health & Safety (Including Contractor Management)

This module provides an intelligent and effective method of managing your health and safety by prioritising your actions from risk assessments and inspections.

  • Real-time reporting ensures you always have an up-to-date status report across all your properties
  • Enables you to sort and filter data to customise reports to suit your needs
  • Built in contractor management facility makes it easy to audit contractors' health and safety documentation and set up an online database of approved contractors
  • On-going contractor management with the automated email facility makes it easy to obtain quotes and instruct work


The SRManager Fire Safety Module makes easy work of complying with your fire safety responsibilities.

  • One central online repository provides convenient access to your fire risk assessments, emergency plans, inspection certificates etc. whenever you need it
  • Our red/amber/green risk classification system and real-time reporting makes it easy to identify and prioritise your fire safety risk actions and maintain an up-to-date status report across all your properties
  • Save time and effort by using the system's built in email facility to request quotes from contractors, instruct work or set up auto alerts for a specific test, inspection or fire drill
  • Easily prepare detailed management reports customised to your own requirements
  • Flexible reporting allows data to be filtered by risk category, portfolio, property, responsible person or region; further data interrogation can be achieved by downloading the data into Excel


The SRManager Environmental Module provides you with an effective means by which to manage the ever increasing workload required to achieve compliance with environmental legislation. The system offers you a secure online repository for all your environmental risk management policies and procedures, risk assessments and certificates, and also allows you to:

  • Easily identify any risk actions resulting from environmental inspections and audits
  • Track real-time progress of recommended and completed risk actions and improvements
  • Set up automatic reminders and schedule re-inspections
  • Prove due diligence by recording your actions at site


Effectively managing already identified asbestos and asbestos removal projects is made easy with our Asbestos Module. The module is suitable for an individual property or a complete portfolio. In addition to providing all the recording and reporting benefits of the main SRManager system the module also provides:

  • An at-a-glance view of the asbestos risks within your properties with photographic evidence
  • Management reports can be generated showing last inspection dates, asbestos condition, recommendations and actions taken
  • Classifies outstanding asbestos actions by material risk category

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