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We offer a comprehensive range of services across multiple compliance disciplines, from one off services to the full management of your compliance requirements. Using an accredited company like Metro Safety provides you the peace of mind that you are fully compliant with legislation and allows you to focus on developing and growing your business. 

By law you have a duty to manage the health and safety risks to those who occupy or use your buildings, to achieve this you must consider everything which could potentially cause harm to individuals and establish if you are taking reasonable steps to avoid potential harm.


Fire can be undoubtedly classed as one of the major risks within any building. As a retailer you are required by law to reduce the risk to people and property in the event of a fire. There are severe penalties for non-compliance.

A fire risk assessment is required to identify possible hazards and risks, it will suggest actions to protect people, especially those considered particularly vulnerable and remove the risk from fire as far as is reasonably practicable.

It will also identify whether your fire protection measures are sufficient and appropriate for the premises. This takes into consideration structural and passive fire protection, alarm and warning systems, emergency lighting, sprinklers and extinguishers, signage and means of escape.

If your premises have been designed and built, and are being used in accordance with modern building regulations then your structural fire precautions should be acceptable but you will still need to ensure that your risk reduction, emergency planning, fire prevention and maintenance routines are sustained

Within the retail industry diverse store layouts, high levels of footfall and constantly changing occupancy can make it difficult to plan for an emergency situation. Specialist fire safety knowledge is often required  to develop an emergency evacuation plan to safeguard occupants and to train your staff so they are prepared and know what actions to take in an emergency.

We offer a comprehensive range of fire safety services to help ensure you are fully compliant with legislation and that your buildings and their occupants are adequately protected from the risks of fire.



Retail units often contain water systems in the form of basic kitchen and bathroom facilities with many also containing air conditioning systems and other more complex water related plant.

Given the correct conditions even simplistic water systems have the potential to harbour and spread legionella bacteria. They can present a significant risk not only to employees but to the greater general public. You are required by law to manage the risks of legionella growth in any of the water systems within your’ buildings.

A water risk assessment is required to help identify any potential hazards and if necessary recommend actions to reduce the risk of legionella outbreaks at your building. A plan will also need to be put in place to monitor and manage any ongoing risks.

We have  a specialist water safety division and are able to offer a range of services to help ensure you are fully compliant with your legal responsibilities and that the risks from legionella are kept to a minimum. 



Asbestos and asbestos containing materials were commonly used in construction before being banned in the year 2000. This means there is a strong likelihood that asbestos may be still be present in a large number of older retail units.

If you are a dutyholder in charge of retail premises you have a legal responsibility to identify and manage any asbestos within your buildings. Refurbishment and refit programmes are commonplace in retail however it’s vital that you make the necessary survey arrangements before commencing any major works.

You must also make sure that contractors or anyone who may come into contact with, or disturb asbestos during the normal course of their work have the correct level of asbestos knowledge and training.

If your building is found to contain asbestos then you will also need to put a plan in place to monitor its condition and manage the risk of exposure.

We offer a range of asbestos services which will identify and help you manage any asbestos risks within your buildings and ensure you are fully compliant with your legal responsibilities. 


Technical Consultancy

Following your risk assessment you have a duty to action any issues found. As this can often result in expensive remedial works experience and expertise are crucial in designing cost effective solutions.  Our team of consultants have vast experience working within the retail industry and can provide you with solutions allowing you to achieve cost effective compliance.


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