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Safety SMART is a simple yet revolutionary concept using modern I.T. to facilitate smarter management of properties where you have a duty to manage fire, health and safety.

Safety SMART uses QR code technology to improve accessibility to your most up to date reports and records for visiting contractors and key on-site personnel. Our Safety SMART with Communities option goes even further, providing instant access to a password protected self-service portal which allows you to interact and manage all of your services via one single login.

It has been designed to improve your compliance, reduce risks and save you time and money. It allows you much better line of sight, allowing you to be confident that you are effectively managing your fire, health and safety responsibilities.

Safety SMART makes key documents instantly accessible

Dutyholders and responsible persons can make a wide range of key site-specific documents instantly accessible to visiting contractors, surveyors or site occupants simply by asking them to use their smartphone to scan the QR codes on our Safety SMART notices.  The design of the Safety SMART notice can be tailored to meet your needs. Once installed the notice itself doesn’t need to change. Backend functionality gives you complete control and flexibility over what you wish site personnel to see at any point in time.

Safety SMART allows vital information to be made instantly accessible to people when and where it's required. It improves the efficiency of information transfer whilst saving the significant amounts of time, money, administration and IT expense often required to get information to people on site.

Any important documentation can be uploaded. Examples include:

  • Fire Risk Assessment Reports
  • Fire Safety Policies
  • Fire Evacuation Plans
  • Fire Strategies
  • Legionella Water Risk Assessment Reports
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment Reports
  • Asbestos Management Survey Reports
  • Asbestos Re-inspection Reports

Whilst Metro Safety provide a wide range of risk assessments and inspections there is no requirement to use our services. Safety SMART can be purchased as an independent product for use with your current suppliers.

Safety SMART with Communities

Safety SMART with Communities uses QR code technology to provide instant access to a password protected self-service portal allowing you to manage all of your services in one single location.

Safety SMART with Communities is the simpler, smarter way to manage your compliance. It gives you and your key stakeholders greater confidence and better line of sight in your areas of greatest vulnerability and enables you to achieve your compliance goals more simply and effectively than ever before.

Safety SMART with Communities - Key Features

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  • Self-service portal which provides access to real time data
  • Available through your browser or as an App giving instant accessibility wherever and whenever needed
  • Ability to edit and update your own information
  • Highly configurable so we can develop key metrics for you
  • View active services against your buildings
  • View issues raised against your buildings
Picture2 Covid dashboard
  • View and interact with dashboards to see all the data you need
  • Easily run and extract a multitude of different reports with different functionality
  • Monitor progress and compliance across your entire portfolio
  • Manage risk ratings
  • Transparency for the whole team
  • Allows seamless direct interaction with Metro
  • Allows jobs to be issued to third party suppliers
  • All available as audit information
  • Tenants can raise cases directly

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