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Exciting news - Our drills customers now have free access to Safety SMART

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Exciting news - Our drills customers now have free access to Safety SMART

Sometimes, even though scheduled, fire evacuation drills fail to take place and buildings become non-compliant. Often this is because tenants haven't been notified due to outdated or incorrect contact details.

To try and eliminate this issue, our drills customers now have FREE access to Safety SMART our new customer portal.

Safety SMART allows you to easily update your tenant records, making sure that we always have the correct information to keep your tenants informed and the drill can take place as scheduled. Our driller also knows who should be participating and can conduct the drill effectively.

Safety SMART features and benefits

Safety SMART offers a host of other benefits. Here’s just a few:

  • View active services against your building
  • Check and update tenant records
  • View issues and cases against your buildings
  • Drill down to read the details of a specific case
  • Scan upcoming work orders for a proposed visit date
  • Overview H&S performance, issues and priorities via the dashboard
  • Apply filters to drill down and easily run and extract a multitude of different reports
  • Access a virtual logbook for real-time data and an audit trail
  • Provides transparency for the whole team

To find out more book a Safety SMART demonstration today – Book now

Fire warden training and evacuation planning

Making sure your fire wardens are suitably trained and know how to carry out their duties in a fire emergency is not only a legal requirement but also helps ensure everyone is able to escape safely.

Our specially designed fire warden training courses include a combination of classroom and practical sessions and should help your fire wardens/marshals take the right course of action in a fire emergency. Courses can be tailored around your emergency plan, specific staff roles or other key requirements of your organisation. For more information plase visit our fire warden training page.

Have you updated your emergency plan?

Over the last two years many businesses have changed their ways of operating by implementing new working patterns, reducing staffing levels and altering the flow of footfall around their buildings. It’s vital that your emergency evacuation plan for the premises is reviewed and updated to take account of these changes.
Any Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) will need to be reviewed with the individuals concerned to ensure their suitability with your updated emergency evacuation plan

If you would like to find out more about our fire evacuation drills and Safety SMART customer portal, need help in updating your emergency evacuation plan or would like more details about our fire warden training courses please get in touch. 

Please call 0207 960 3939 or send an enquiry




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