Remember to adjust your clocks and timers

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Timers are used within many buildings to automate equipment such as lights and heating systems, with the clocks going forward on the 27th March, it’s important to check that clocks and systems within your buildings are updated.

With this signifying the start of British summer time (BST) it’s also a good time to consider any general maintenance your buildings may need. The harsh winter weather can often take its toll on your properties leaving them looking tired and distressed. Now is the perfect time to carry out any refurbishment works to get your buildings looking their best again.

Most air conditioning systems may have seen very little use throughout the winter period. With warmer weather now hopefully just around the corner it’s advisable to have these systems serviced by a qualified engineer.

If you would like more advice on our building maintenance services please feel free to call us on 0845 058 9999.



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