Metro Safety Mud n Madness - Raising money for the Children's Burns Trust

iStock 000029951830SmallOn the morning of Saturday February 8th, a group of daring Metro Safety employees, plus some brave friends and partners, will head to Essex, to take part in the annual ‘Mud n Madness’ run.

The run is around 7km, but if that sounds too easy, we’re going to have to climb up hills, trek through mud, cross stretches of water – both in boats and on foot, and take part in an archery challenge…..oh, and did we mention that we will doing this in wintery February weather!  

It should be a tough but fun day, and we’re aiming to raise as much money as possible for the Children’s Burns Trust.   

Graham Wright, Luke Marlowe, Dan Lloyd, Richard Hennelly, Tommy Freeman, Alice Downes, Laura Crichton, Stephen Cottle, Jo Cooke and Rob Armstrong all need your support, as do the Children’s Burns Trust


Go to to donate and we promise to share the photo evidence of the muddy, cold and brave competitors from the day.

The Children’s Burns Trust

The Children’s Burns Trust is a hardworking national charity dedicated to providing rehabilitation support for burned and scald injured children and their  families, as well as prevention and awareness campaigns for which there is little or no national funding.

Metro Safety are strongly committed to contributing to the community and are  pleased to be able to support this hardworking and deserving organisation as our nominated charity.

To find out more about the Children’s Burns Trust visit their website.

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