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Remember to adjust your clocks and timers

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The lighting, heating and other systems within many modern buildings can often be automated using timers. When the clocks go back an hour on the 30th October, it’s important to remember to adjust your clocks and systems accordingly.

With this change often signifying the onset of winter it can be a good time to consider other maintenance which may be required.

Maintenance and adjustment of estate lights

Less daylight during the winter months means there is an increased reliance on artificial lighting. It is important to ensure that all lights within and around your property are operational and any timer systems are activating at the correct time of day.

Commissioning of heating systems

Turning on heating systems is important to keep people in the building warm and make sure they are able to work or live comfortably. If you’re responsible for an office block or a building with tenants, you may need to call in an engineer to switch on or service a heating system that hasn’t been used in a while.

If you would like more advice on our building maintenance services please feel free to call us on 0845 058 9999.

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