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Introducing Metro SMART IT

The purpose of safety compliance is not just to comply with the law and tick boxes. Its aim ultimately is to reduce risks, thereby protecting people and property and in turn helping to save lives and livelihoods. If compliance is done well it will save time and money. Done badly it will achieve none of the above and the results can be catastrophic.

For compliance to be managed well there are key components that need to join up effectively (see below). A wide range of stakeholders: experts, contractors, site occupants, dutyholders, responsible persons, management and regulatory authorities are all required to join up if the true aims of compliance are to be delivered. Grenfell Tower and numerous other disasters show what happens when this fails.

However, achieving this join up isn’t always that straightforward, even for a single property with good site management and its own compliance team. When multiple properties are involved, often with limited on-site management this becomes significantly harder. We believe the simplest and most effective way this can be done is with the help of what we call SMART IT.

The Compliance Cycle and SMART IT

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